Ronald Basil Girdler

1925 - 2017

Helene Girdler

1927 - 2020

The Zamler Story

This is an Autobiography and brief history as written by Helene Girdler. Relationships are relative to Helene.


Page 1

Mum and Dad  

My Siblings

Page 2

My Childhood

Page 3

Het and Kit get Married

Secondary School

Page 4

Just before WW11

During the War

Page 5

Move to Northhampton

Hets first Baby

Family return to London

Page 6

Sixth Form

VE Day

Barbara’s Wedding

Page 7

School Holiday Farm work

Leaving School

Starting work

Page 8

Johnson and Johnsons


Page 9

Work in the Hospital Path Lab

Page 10


My Marriage

Page 11

Jobs after Marriage

Page 12

My Children

Page 13

Move to West Byfleet


Page 14



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